Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Final Double Spread Page

The double spread pages came out very nice as well. I also did not make any changes to the pages because I liked how they already looked. I'm glad I added the star background for it made the pages less plain. It also connects with the front cover page which I believe connects the feature page with the front cover.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Final Table of Contents Page

I like how the Table of Contents page also came out. It looks simple and not overloaded with information. I did not make any changes, not even add the star background because I felt as though seeing the pattern repeatedly would make it boring. Even though I did not alter the models in the photo, I did place a filter. This was cause of the images had different lighting and this change made the page look more natural.
Overall the page came out better than expected.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Final Cover Page

This is the final outcome of my magazine cover page. I did not make any major changes other than adding a barcode on the bottom left corner as well as adding the stars to the background. Since adding stars to the background in the double spread, it looked like it was missing in the front cover. The addition of the barcode simply made the magazine look more official. 
Overall, I am satisfied with how it came out. There was balance between the colors, it didn't look overwhelming, font is easy to read and it feels like it would attract the eyes of a potential audience.
What I like most is how the picture of the model fits with the background in a way that it does not look so awkward.